Father and children suspected of mother’s gruesome murder


Charity Ntla (61), father of Buhle Mnyamezeli (24) and her brother, Tumelo Mnyamezeli (26), abandoned their application for bail in the Sebokeng Magistrate’s Court in Gauteng. They are on trial on charges of murdering Phumeza Mnyamezeli (42), the mother of the two children.

They are also facing charges of violating a body.

“The four persons were at their home in Beverly Hills on July 10, 2023, Evaton is believed to be engaged in a religious ritual to get rid of demonic forces from the house,” says Lumka Mahanjana, spokesperson for the National Prosecuting Authority (NPA). “During the ritual, the three accused began to assault Phumeza and stab her with a sharp object. After her death, they violated her body.”

While the two children were busy cutting up their mother’s body, Ntla ran to the police station to report the incident.

“The police arrived at the scene while the brother and sister were still violating the body. All three persons were arrested. They remain in custody.”

The case was adjourned until 1 September 2023 for further investigation.