Fidelity warns against latest robbery ploy


The security company Fidelity ADT says residents of the Centurion area should be on their guard and steel themselves for criminals who are on the lookout for soft targets.

Lyttelton, Rooihuiskraal and Doringkloof were plagued by crime this past weekend.

Superbikes worth R150 000 each were stolen in this area.

Charnel Hattingh, head of communications and marketing, says the biggest headache they face is that the superbike doesn’t have a tracking device.

“We want to encourage residents to make sure alarm systems outside the house are activated. Crooks tend to follow your movements and can tell when alarms are not activated.”

According to Hattingh, incidents happen in the blink of an eye.

“Crime is most of the time opportunistic in nature, but that doesn’t mean you can’t do anything to stop thugs from getting the opportunity to rob you.”

Here are some tips to avoid crime:

  • Be careful when driving in the area. If you suspect you are being followed, do not turn into your driveway – instead drive to the nearest police station, security gate or a busy place. Only open your gate when you are sure it is safe and wait until the gate is closed before driving.”
  • Lock all doors when you leave the house, even if the house is located in a complex. Even when people are at home, car gates and barred gates should be closed to make access difficult for robbers.
  • Car owners must ensure that alarms and tracking devices are working. Any additional safety measures such as gear lever locks should also be used.
  • Keep keys out of sight and out of reach.

Hattingh says it’s also smart to install security lights around the house, which burn through the night or that work with motion sensors.

“Please don’t leave tools lying around in your yard. Store it in a safe place as soon as you are done with it.”