‘Fine won’t shut me up’


Dr. Tros Bekker, a general practitioner from Pretoria North, was found guilty of unprofessional behavior after speaking out strongly against the Covid-19 vaccination.

He appeared before the Medical Professions Council on 3 November, after the South African Medical Association (Sama) lodged a complaint against him in January 2022.

He was consequently fined R20 000 and will have to pay another R10 000 if he commits similar offenses within the next three years.

However, Bekker says this will not stop him from proclaiming his opinion on the Covid-19 vaccination.

Sama initially accused Bekker, after he said on his Facebook page “every doctor or person who administers the Covid-19 vaccination is a murderer”.

“I believe doctors have a duty to speak the truth and inform patients about the dangers of the Covid-19 vaccination. Every patient at least has the right to make an informed decision,” he told RNews in October. He told RNews on Monday that these are still his beliefs and that he will continue to “spread the truth”, fine or not.

According to Sama’s complaint, the spread of “irresponsible misinformation” and “unfounded clinical opinions” are among the biggest challenges that this organization had to face during the Covid-19 pandemic. In addition to the Facebook entry, Sama is also upset about several books that Bekker wrote about the Covid-19 pandemic and virus. In this he questions world governments’ response to the outbreak of the virus, as well as the effectiveness of all Covid-19 vaccinations. He points out that many more people die from flu every year (1% of the world’s population) than the 0.05% who have died from Covid-19 since 2019.

Sama believes statements like these can lead to members of the public losing confidence in the healthcare industry.

Bekker confirmed to RNews that he believes the Covid-19 vaccines – all of them – were not properly tested and hopelessly approved too quickly. “It has only been tested on animals, and those animals died. The Covid-19 vaccination is not effective in counteracting the virus; on the contrary, it kills people.”

He backs up his statements with lists of academic articles and research published in accredited medical journals over the past few years. These articles find a link between Covid-19 vaccinations and deadly diseases such as thrombosis, Guillain-Barré syndrome and heart disease.