First Miss World SA crowned


South Africa has just become richer with a new beauty queen.

Claude Mashego, a medical doctor and founder of the non-profit organization, Young Leaders Network, has just been crowned the very first Miss. World South Africa crowned. Mashego will represent South Africa in 2024 at the Miss. World beauty pageant, where Rolene Strauss was crowned in 2014, represented.

Miss. World SA was launched in May this year by the actress and businesswoman, Carol Bouwer, after Miss. SA announced that their paths with the Miss. World competition is going to separate. When asked about the decision, competition representatives confirmed to RNews that their values ​​simply no longer match those of Miss. World does not conform.

“We decided to focus on Miss. Universe and Ms. To focus supranationally as our values ​​of inclusivity are consistent with these competitions,” reads the statement provided to RNews at the time.

It is claimed that this decision was taken following the Miss. SA competition’s decision to open up participation to married women and mothers, something that the Miss. World competition still not allowed.

Builder’s takeover of the Miss. World license in South Africa now means that South African women under her company, Carol Bouwer Productions, will take the banner to the Miss. World competition can participate.

“Carol understands the importance of our cherished theme of beauty with a purpose, which all Miss. Support global activities around the world. Carol’s passion, integrity and creativity will take beauty with a purpose to the next level,” said Miss. World’s announcement about Bouwer’s takeover sounded.

Miss. South Africa and Ms. World SA are therefore two different competitions and titles and are not related to each other at all.

South Africa has had the same number of winners at the Miss. Universe‑ and the Miss. World competition produced.

Margaret Gardiner (1978), Demi-Leigh Nel-Peters (2017) and Zozibini Tunzi (2019) have already been Miss. Universe winners crowned, while Penny Coelen (1958), Anneline Kriel (1974) and Rolene Strauss (2014) were all Miss. won the world title.