Five fasted after attempt on lawyer’s life


Five suspects were arrested on Sunday, shortly after a prominent lawyer was shot outside his office in East London.

The lawyer parked his car outside his office in Vincent at 09:50 on Friday morning and was on his way to enter his office, when two suspects approached him and fired several shots that hit him in the upper body. He was immediately rushed to a hospital for treatment.

News24 reported on Friday that suspects made off with the lawyer’s (70) briefcase. The victim is reportedly stable, despite having seven or eight gunshot wounds to his torso and abdomen.

“While the police were still on the scene, East London’s crime intelligence had already started working hard to gather important evidence. Within an hour, and with the help of detectives from the Buffalo City metro, they were able to locate the getaway car, a Mercedes-Benz, in Amalinda,” col. Priscilla Naidu, spokesperson for the police in the Eastern Cape, said on Sunday.

A 42-year-old suspect was arrested shortly after a second vehicle, a Renault Clio, was found at a complex with a sea view. “Remarkably, two more suspects, the alleged shooters, were apprehended when they tried to flee to Durban by bus. The bus was stopped in Mthatha by members of Mthatha’s serious and violent crimes unit.”

Two more suspects were located at a house in Westville in Durban on Saturday 04:00. Two firearms were also found at a house in Quigney in the Eastern Cape. It will be sent for ballistic tests.

According to Naidu, all five suspects are currently being held on charges of attempted murder. The motive is still under investigation. “The suspects will appear in court soon. Other charges may be added as the investigation progresses.”