Flash cricket is an ATM that has to spit out money


The decision of Cricket South Africa to send an almost C Test team with seven newcomers to New Zealand for a Test series of two Tests at the end of January and February will leave many former players choking in their cereal flakes.

Where is the pride and respect towards your opponents? What happened to the passion to play for your country, many of them will ask.

The decision makes headlines, also in Australia and England, but there is nothing the international cricket bosses can do about it.

Forget about tradition, forget about a series of five tests.

More and more players are holding the knife against the administrators’ throats. They would rather finish the rest of their careers in the SA20, Indian Premier League, Big Bash and other blitz series in the West Indies, Bangladesh and Pakistan, where enough money can be made.

Australia's Glenn Maxwell celebrates after taking the wicket of New Zealand's Glenn Phillips.  The Aussies won by five runs

There is no rule that states that a country must choose its best test team or players at all times. It’s definitely a slap in the host’s face, but no action can and will not be taken against the Proteas.

The International Cricket Council’s hands have been cut off, they have no control over team selection. What they do control are the Test championships contested by the two top teams every three years.

Australia, who won last year’s final at Lord’s against India, finished on 152 points after 19 Tests between 2021/23.

India was second (127 points after 18 tests) and South Africa third (100 points after 15 tests).

The Aussies were rewarded with 3.8 million US dollars (about R70.9 million), India received about R14.9 million and South Africa almost R6.35 million.

* KSA’s decision to send a second or even third team to New Zealand has two sides.

KSA has its back against the wall and that’s why he prefers the SA20 series over Test cricket.

To put it mildly, had it not been for Graeme Smith and his Indian contact opportunities, the game could have almost died because where would the money for KSA have come from?

Yes, Test cricket has been sold for the proverbial pot of lentil soup, but don’t be surprised if it opens the door for other countries to pick second and third teams as well.