‘Follow the dictates of international law’ – Ramaphosa


Pres. Cyril Ramaphosa welcomes the International Court of Justice’s latest ruling in which this court orders Israel to withdraw “immediately” and stop its military offensive in Rafah.

Ramaphosa says the latest case before the United Nations (UN) highest court focuses “on ordinary Palestinians in Gaza who now have to face their seventh month of suffering due to communal retaliation for something for which they themselves have no responsibility”.

“We call on all state parties to comply with the dictates of international law, which now compel them to reconsider their relations with Israel following the court findings.”

The United Nations (UN) highest court ruled in South Africa’s favor earlier today when it ordered Israel to stop its military offensive in Rafah.

Ramaphosa now says that in terms of international law, Israel is obliged to implement the court’s order, as well as the previous orders of 26 January (as reaffirmed by the court on 16 February) and 28 March.

“Similarly, in terms of international law, the prohibition of genocide is a binding norm from which no deviation, for any reason whatsoever, is permitted,” says Ramaphosa.

RNews reported earlier this evening that Israel was also ordered to open a key crossing in the area so that humanitarian aid could enter Rafah “unimpeded” and told to ensure “unrestricted access” for investigators who, in accordance with the UN mandate, are looking into allegations of genocide on the want to investigate terrain.

Ramaphosa says South Africa is “seriously concerned” that Israel has “restricted the necessary levels of aid to enter Gaza and has systematically targeted aid and aid infrastructure inside Gaza”.

Ramaphosa also says South Africa remains concerned that the UN Security Council has so far failed to stop the human suffering.

Naledi Pandor, Minister of Foreign Affairs, said after today’s verdict that it is time for member states of the UN and the UN Security Council to act and apply international law.

“Israel has been pursuing impunity for so long that they don’t care what the world community says,” says Pandor.