Former deputy mayor sentenced for sexual assault


A former deputy mayor of the Oudtshoorn local municipality was sentenced to five years in prison after he was found guilty of sexually assaulting an employee in his office.

Eric Ntabazalila, spokesperson for the National Prosecuting Authority in the Western Cape, says this is Mlandeli Abednico Nyuka’s second conviction and sentencing for sexual assault with “exactly the same modus operandi”.

State prosecutor Mervan Saaiman argued in court that Nyuka called the employee concerned in the latest case to his office and locked the door.

He first tried to manipulate her and said he would see to it that she was promoted at work.

“He lifted her dress and touched her private parts without her consent,” Saaiman said in court.

“Luckily the phone rang and Nyuka answered it. The complainant was able to run out of the office at this stage.”

According to Saaiman, the woman was extremely shocked by what had happened.

Nyuka was still the deputy mayor at that stage and she worked in his office.

Nyuka denied throughout his trial that he had assaulted the complainant, arguing that she was part of another faction in the Saamstaan ​​political party, of which both were members.

According to Nyuka, members of this faction turned to the High Court to kick him out of the party.

He also claimed that the complainant offered “sexual favors” in exchange for everything he (Nyuka) did for her.

However, he could not explain why this alleged version of the events was only presented to the complainant and the court during the defence’s case. However, she denied the allegations and testified that she has always supported Nyuka – also in matters related to the party.

Saaiman also called a witness who assisted the complainant from the beginning to report the case to the police. The court found that this witness is indeed a credible witness.

However, the magistrate, Sylvia Mandla, found that Nyuka was not a credible witness, who fabricated his own evidence.

She found that he had exploited his seniority to obtain sexual favors and found him guilty on charges of sexual assault.

Saaiman also obtained the file of another similar case against Nyuka, which the state says proves he is a sex offender who abused his power.

He was consequently sentenced to five years in prison.

Adv. Nicolette Bell, director of public prosecutions in the Western Cape, welcomed the sentence and said she abhorred the actions of the former deputy mayor who abused his position to sexually assault a female employee in his office.