Four get suspension letters after ‘assault’ on motorway


Four members of adj. pres. Paul Mashatile’s protection unit received suspension letters for their alleged involvement in the alleged assault incident on the N1.

Brig. Athlenda Mathe, national police spokesperson, said on Wednesday morning that the four members of the police’s VIP protection services unit were given the opportunity to make representations as to why they should not be suspended under the circumstances.

The representations will now be considered.

More and more details about the incident are being revealed bit by bit since a video of the alleged assault along the highway in Johannesburg came to light on Monday evening.

It can be seen in the video of the incident how officers from the police’s VIP protection services pluck three occupants from a Volkswagen Polo along the highway before these men are repeatedly kicked. The police officers then jump back into their BMWs and drive away.

RNews reported earlier that the victims in the video are apparently all members of the army.

The victims were apparently on their way from Johannesburg to Pretoria when a black sport utility vehicle appeared next to them and one of the occupants of this vehicle apparently pointed a firearm at them. Shortly afterwards, the victims’ vehicle was surrounded by more sport utility vehicles and forced to stop along the N1 highway.

It is alleged that the officers apparently attempted to break the victims’ vehicle’s front and rear windows prior to the alleged assault.

Mashatile’s office has since confirmed the officers in the video are members of his presidential protection unit. It is unclear whether the deputy president was in the vehicle when the incident occurred.