Franja celebrates life, lives passion with music


“Hakahana” is a Herero word meaning ‘hurry’, with which singer and songwriter Franja du Plessis’s famous mother, Juanita, used to rush her and her brothers when they were children – and even today!

Franja tells RNews that she wanted to celebrate life with this brand new single.

“I want people to enjoy life and embrace the moment. I wanted to dance and create unforgettable memories,” says the sultry brunette singer, who is also known for her production prowess.

She recently self-titled her older brother Ruan Josh’s latest full-length album Pointers, manufactured. She says with a laugh that it was wonderful to work with her brother, even if he sometimes fell asleep in the studio while she was working on a song.

“I am very perfectionist and Ruan’s album was a big project for me. I want everything to sound perfect, so I listen to it over and over until it’s right. There were a few times when I looked around in the studio, then Ruan was sleeping behind me on the couch,” laughs Franja.

She says she enjoys performing in front of the large audiences that support her and her family’s music, but confesses that the studio allows her to be in her own space.

“I also enjoy it immensely. On stage you are absolutely surrounded by people, where in the studio I am again alone with my thoughts. It’s nice to be able to be creative and build a song and see how the end product develops.”

The music video for “Hakahana” is energetic and colorful and was shot at King Price Insurance’s office.

“I’m just on the shy side of life, so I get nervous in front of the camera and I want everything to look nice and right. It takes a lot of energy to look good all day, but I enjoy making videos. Just like the music, I love seeing the concept grow into the final product.”

“Hakahana” is available on all major digital platforms.

Watch the music video for “Hakahana” here: