Free State’s millionaire department heads revealed


Mxolisi Dukwana, Prime Minister of the Free State, in response to a question from the FF Plus in the provincial legislature, announced the salaries of the highly paid department heads in the Free State.

Collectively, these millionaire managers earn almost R27 million per year; this is an average of between R2.15 million and R2.42 million per year for the officials.

Jan van Niekerk, FF Plus leader in the Free State, says it is a shame that these department heads, whose departments fail to deliver basic services, receive such enormous salaries.

“These failures result in voters not even having access to basic rights such as water, sanitation and decent medical treatment,” Van Niekerk said.

Van Niekerk also thinks this shows that the departments are not working in the interest of the province and its people.

“These department heads did not become millionaires overnight because of their many years of knowledge and experience like successful business people, but because of excessive salaries that are not in line with service delivery.”

In the past decade, the Free State has returned more than R1.3 billion to the national government because the province did not use it.

“This money could have been used to build at least 6,600 houses, 65 new state schools or 13 new state hospitals.”

According to Van Niekerk, four out of every 10 people are unemployed, infrastructure such as roads and hospitals are not being repaired and housing targets are not being achieved.