Fresh chapter for newly married Dorette Potgieter


After seven years of being single, the actress Dorette Potgieter decided in 2022 to open her heart to love again and make it a matter of prayer.

Her plea to the Lord was to send her a man of God who shares her life philosophies and values ​​and who would not play “games” with her heart.

“Furthermore, I asked that he should come and find me right here in my own area in the Stellenbosse Banhoek Valley. About a tall order,” says the former Egoli-actress joking to RNews.

On April 3, 2022, this prayer was answered when she crossed paths with Hennie Karsten, an engineer from Namibia, at a mutual friend’s birthday party.

According to Dorette, Hennie stole her heart when they first met.

“I didn’t fall on my face and I read people very quickly. But he was so nice and easy to talk to and had no idea who I was, so there were no preconceived notions between us.”

She tells that after the party they continued to barbecue and hang out at her house.

“I got my daughter ready for school and put her to bed, then the two of us talked the whole evening, he left just before midnight. I later got a message in which he said that if he could believe everything he had seen and heard about me that day, I was by far the most beautiful person he had ever met. Who says such beautiful things!” she adds with a laugh.

Two years later, they are now officially husband and wife after an intimate wedding on 7 April this year in a stormy Yzerfontein in the Western Cape. According to Dorette, the storm clouds also provided “a striking background” in the wedding photos.

“It was frantic, but wonderful. It was that weekend that the wind uprooted trees, the hairdresser was a nervous wreck when they finally arrived safely with us.”

The wedding took place in a fancy five-bedroom house.

At 51, she decided to exchange the church and pulpit for the coast and a fireplace, with just seven guests, including Hennie’s two children from a previous marriage and Dorette’s teenage daughter, Lia Luna Li, who was part of the celebration.

“There are many people who just live together, especially at our age, and there is nothing wrong with that. It was only important for us to make a promise before the Lord and to have our closest ones there – moreover, it doesn’t make sense to me to pay for 200 people’s food rather than having money for a nice honeymoon,” she jokes.

“We ate, danced on the stoep, took pictures in stormy weather and ate again. There was no need to drive anywhere, we could just have a good party, all under the same roof – if we wanted it.”

According to Dorette, her and Hennie’s families also intertwine well. The couple’s blonde daughters look like blood relatives in photos.

“Lia has relatives on her father’s side and Hennie’s children are just as close to Lia. Now she has an older brother and sister who also supports her. She even recently asked his daughter to do her hair for her school dormitory dance.”

House building keeps her busy

Dorette who is known for roles in series like Egoli and films like The Pro and Ballad for a Singleis seen more in front of her toolbox than the cameras these days.

The couple is currently restoring their home in Paarl, with Dorette supervising and lending a hand where needed.

“My hands already look like a builder’s and there are layers of dust on everything,” she says with a small sigh.

“But I’ve always been interested in architecture, if I hadn’t been silly enough to leave math in high school, I would have definitely pursued it as a career.”

The couple hopes to finish the restoration by September.

“The roof and floors still need work, but everywhere something is too crooked or too long or too small. We are pretty crazy, but I think this process has proven that we are made for each other. If you can survive the stress of building work, you can probably get through anything together.”

However, both their hearts yearn for a farm – for Hennie one with Brahmins and Dorette one with olive groves.

“We will have to look hard for one with the right climate,” she adds jokingly.

Dorette he makes her own “Plan B” for television roles – cane and all

The former was between marriage and building work Glitterati-presenter now recently in the Deon Meyer series Plan Bas well as the daring Showmax program Femaleto see.

In August of last year, shortly before both were filmed, she broke her ankle after stepping in a ditch due to heavy duty darkness.

“I was so afraid that I would have to give up the roles, but Jozua Malherbe, us Plan B-director, assisted me and said we are making a plan.”

Here she plays the role of art expert Hildegaard opposite celebrities such as Tim Theron and Arnold Vosloo. With Dorette’s injury, the eclectic Hildegaard simply got an extra cane.

Plan B was a granddaughter’s dream that came true after 40 years. Arnold and I were both featured in Reghardt van den Bergh’s at the time Circles in a Forest and I still remember telling Reghardt that one day I would play directly opposite Arnold. No broken ankle would stop me now.”

She describes Arnold as “humble, funny and extremely professional”.

“It’s just a festival to work with him.”

She confesses that Plan B rekindled her “lust for the small box”, especially for a talk show.

For Female she also has only praise and believes that although Afrikaans viewers may perceive it as daring, according to her it gives an honest look at young people’s lives.

“It tackles so many taboos that we Afrikaners don’t talk about. It’s great, but definitely not light entertainment.”

In addition, she is together with prof. Matilda Burden, cultural historian at Stellenbosch University (SU) involved in a project about the history and impact of the forced relocations in Stellenbosch at the time.

She is currently working with SU on a documentary called “Artwashing” where, among other things, the artist Strijdom van der Merwe’s art is used to make the surrounding communities of Stellenbosch aware of gentrification.

“Knowledge is power and the only way one will preserve heritage is if one informs communities about it.”

Dorette and Hennie are building a new chapter together

For Dorette, her strong personality and Hennie’s calmer approach balance each other perfectly and their relationship is proof of the patience that is sometimes required to live out the Lord’s plan.

“Hennie himself said that he had previously given up when it came to relationships, but then he found someone with the same views and needs. Of course we have struggles, no couple is perfect, but love and the Lord’s presence are the underlying things that bind us, regardless of everything else.”

Although they are each other’s best friends, she explains that the busy couple allows each other alone time when needed.

“At my age, when you love yourself enough, you have enough love to attract that same love. That feeling of warmth and connection is what we found in each other and is something I will never give up for anything.”

When it comes to big life lessons, she thinks a little first.

“I think the most important thing is to remember that what others think of you has nothing to do with you. I’ve been hurt a lot, especially in the media, because I brought it on myself. It’s the most liberating feeling to let all that stuff go and just do what you want.”