Frida Kahlo museum denies borrowing clothes, jewels for Madonna


The Casa Azul, a museum in Mexico City dedicated to the late artist Frida Kahlo, denies that it lent clothes and jewels to the pop star Madonna during a visit by the American singer to the Mexican capital.

The controversy arose after the 65-year-old singer, who gave several concerts in Mexico in April this year, posted a photo of herself on social media wearing a shawl and embroidered dress during a visit to what she referred to as Kahlo’s “family home”.

Madonna was also in the news earlier this month after she attracted nearly 1.6 million concertgoers to the free closing concert of her Celebration Tour world tour on the famous Copacabana beach in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

“A beautiful souvenir – visit the family home of my eternal muse,” read the post on Instagram.

“For me it was mesmerizing to wear her clothes and jewels, and to read her diaries and letters and look at photographs I had never seen before,” Madonna added.

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The photo drew mixed reactions, with some defending the singer.

“They say Mexicans are born where they want. Madonna was born in Michigan (in the USA), but she is very Mexican,” reads one of the comments.

Others said ordinary members of the public would not have been given the opportunity she was afforded.

“I am Mexican and I can assure you they will never allow a Mexican to do this,” read another entry in the comment section.

However, the Casa Azul says the singer was unable to visit the collection in person at the home where the surrealist painter, who died in 1954 aged 47, lived for 36 years.

“We want to emphasize that the clothes, photos and objects published by Madonna on her respective social media platforms do not belong to the Casa Azul collection.”

According to the museum, the clothes and jewelery in the collection are “subject to strict conservation measures” and “are not loaned out for personal use”.