‘Game of Thrones’ actor to be seen again in SA series


Iain Glen will proudly fly a South African flag during a sports match, provided the match is not played against Scotland.

This is how the 62-year-old Scottish actor, who will soon be seen again on the South African box office, joked with RNews.

Iain, who is known for his roles in films and series such as Game of Thrones, Downton Abbey, Jack Taylor, Resident Evil and Black Beauty, will soon reprise his role opposite Kim Engelbrecht in the second season of Reyka take.

The first season of this award-winning crime series was released in 2021, and received worldwide recognition. It was a wonderful privilege for Iain to once again take on the long flight between London, where he lives these days, and South Africa to film the second season.

“I have already been very lucky, I have already filmed series and films six or seven times in South Africa. Of course, I also have the shooting process of Reyka thoroughly enjoyed,” says Iain.

“The country is very close to my heart. However, it is a country with clear extremes. It is hard not to be struck by it when you land in South Africa. You start to see the contrast the moment you leave the airport.”

The second season of Reyka was shot last year in Durban, especially near the waterfront, says Iain. This allowed him to experience another part of the country that is not available to tourists under normal circumstances.

However, he is grateful that he was able to experience these parts of the country as well, and would not hesitate to bring his wife and three children to South Africa for a holiday.

“The South African culture is wonderful. Everyone has been welcoming so far,” he recalls his experience.

He starts smiling spontaneously when he talks about the filming process of Reyka, the South African production team and especially his co-actor, Kim Engelbrecht, talk.

“Kim is an incredible actress. Good actors make a character seem like it was written for them, and that’s what she did. She is brilliant.

Iain admits that local production crews and actors can easily hold a candle to international crews. One of the biggest differences between a local and an international production, he says, is the pace at which it is shot.

He uses the example of Game of Thrones, where he played opposite, among others, Emilia Clarke, where two to three pages of the script were shot in one day. During the filming of Reyka, up to and including seven pages of the script were filmed in one day.

Although the speed at which they work is a different kind of experience for Iain, he says that the way in which South African productions are shot offers new challenges, and requires sharp skills.

He plays the role of Angus Speelman, aka the villain Reyka. However, he is crazy about these kinds of characters, and especially enjoys being challenged in a psychic way.

“Years ago, in my 20s, I would have struggled to play a character like Angus. Still, Speelman became one of my favorite characters. Of course I wanted to use my version of a South African accent, but was advised not to do it,” he joked in a broken South African accent.

“It was not difficult to convince me to be part of Reyka not to be. The script was wonderfully written, and of course I remembered all the previous projects where I had to work in South Africa.

“I would come back to South Africa again in the blink of an eye.”

  • The second season of Reyka kicked off on 11 January on M-Net (DStv channel 101), and is broadcast every Thursday evening at 20:00 on this channel. It will also be available on DStv Stream.