Gatoorkop at show, but French diver laughs along


A prominent French diver made a slight misstep at the inauguration of the water sports center for the Olympic Games in Paris on Thursday and fell head over heels in front of pres. Emmanuel Macron – and the rest of France – knocked down on the diving board and then tumbled into the water.

But Alexis Jandard, who has stood on the podium at the world championship tournament twice, is having a good laugh about his huge bluff – and for that he has already received great praise.

Moreover, the slide turned into an online meme sensation overnight.

Jandard, who performed a synchronized routine with two other divers on a diving board three meters high during the ceremony, misstepped somewhere and landed first on his back on the diving board and then in the water. And then it was off to the internet with him.

However, he jokingly told BFM TV, a French TV and radio network, on Friday that he is really doing well.

“The knocking down was ridiculous… but it’s part of the sport. When I look at it, I can’t stop laughing.”

Many people around the world couldn’t stop laughing either, but Jandard says it’s just something that happens to divers; “not often, but it’s not unusual”. And he also can’t help but laugh at the fallacy.

“It sometimes happens during practice or a competition.

“But this blunder happened in front of the president during the inauguration of the swimming pool. It was the worst thing that could have happened.”

Jandard says he received a message from Macron, and the Minister of Sports, Amelie Oudea-Castera, called him and reassured him “that he should not worry about it”.

Regarding the Olympic Games, his goal is clear: “to stand on the podium again”.

In a video on Instagram on Thursday evening, Jandard jokingly told his followers “they deserve the truth” after which he admitted that he “fell on the diving board in front of the president of the republic, in front of all of France”.

“Laugh at me because I deserve it,” he said.

He will compete in the synchronized three-meter event during the Olympic Games in Paris.