Gauteng ready to join hands with Western Cape – premiership candidate


Solly Msimanga, the DA’s prime ministerial candidate for Gauteng, is convinced that if Gauteng and the Western Cape work together, the whole country will benefit.

The DA in Gauteng intends to work with the DA-led Western Cape to exchange best management practices, should the DA take control of Gauteng after the election. A memorandum of understanding will also be signed.

Msimanga believes that Gauteng has much more to offer to grow the economy than is currently the case.

“If these two provinces work together and assist each other to build the country’s economy, it will provide adequate services through a skills exchange programme,” says Msimanga.

The agreement will help the DA in Gauteng to implement its rescue plan and improve issues such as infrastructure investment in municipalities, load shedding and public procurement.

The DA says that if he manages affairs in Gauteng, there will be cooperation with the Western Cape in obtaining essential resources and other services that will be cost-effective. “By doing this, we will ensure that there is sufficient money for service delivery,” says Msimanga.

In this case, Gauteng will also use the expertise of the Western Cape government for the redesign of the current power system to ensure efficiency and eliminate corruption.

Msimanga is convinced that the Western Cape can help Gauteng to get proper systems up and running again.

He emphasizes that this partnership between the Western Cape and Gauteng is of critical importance for the country as a whole and believes that the Western Cape understands that Gauteng can only succeed when all systems function properly.