Germany before court over support to Israel


It is Germany’s turn to be brought before the International Court of Justice.

The country is accused in the United Nations (UN) highest court of essentially helping to facilitate “the commission of genocide” in Gaza with its continued military and political support to Israel.

Nicaragua is suing Germany before the International Court of Justice on Monday in the hope that this court will introduce emergency measures to prevent Germany from providing any aid to Israel.

Nicaragua presents its case today, after which Germany gets the chance to respond on Tuesday.

“We reject the allegations of Nicaragua,” Sebastian Fischer, spokesman for the German Department of Foreign Affairs, told reporters on Monday before the proceedings.

“Germany has violated neither the Genocide Convention nor international humanitarian law and we will fully demonstrate this before the International Court of Justice.”

In a 43-page submission, Nicaragua argues that Germany’s actions are contrary to the United Nations’ Genocide Convention of 1948, which was established after the Jewish Genocide.

“By sending military equipment to Israel and now withdrawing funding from UNRWA (the UN agency responsible for Palestinian refugees) … Germany is facilitating the commission of genocide,” argues Nicaragua.

“Germany’s failure is all the more reprehensible with regard to Israel, since Germany has a self-proclaimed privileged relationship with it, which will enable it to usefully influence Israel’s behavior,” Nicaragua further argues.

The country is therefore asking the International Court of Justice to decide on “provisional measures”; A so-called emergency order while the court considers the case as a whole.

Nicaragua believes it is “necessary and urgent” for the court to introduce such measures as the lives of “thousands of people” are at stake.

Nicaragua requests five provisional measures. This includes that Germany “immediately suspends its aid to Israel, especially its military assistance, including military equipment”.

The country is also calling on the court to order Germany to “reverse its decision to suspend the funding of UNRWA”.

Germany already announced in January that it was suspending all funding to UNRWA pending an investigation into the damning allegations that several UNRWA staff members participated in the October 7 attack on Israel.

Nicaragua says in its submission “it can be understood” that Germany will support an “appropriate response” by ally Israel to the Hamas attacks in October.

“But that cannot be an excuse to act contrary to international law.”