Gert and Joubert; ‘Kokkedoor’ boss pig roasters


After a disastrous first challenge, a mediocre second challenge and a triumphant final challenge, Gert and Joubert are officially comfortable standing next to the same fire.

“I’m proud after today,” Joubert said after he and Gert won the youngest Kokkedoor Fire & Flame-challenge has been assigned.

“If your passion and your heart aren’t in the kitchen, it won’t be in the food.”

Eight hopeful braaiers, in four different teams, had to show a few pigs who is boss of the farm tonight. Each team had to pig fart (pork belly) in a South African style and rib rack in an alien style braai. They also each had to put together a fresh salad to accompany these two pork dishes.

Each team randomly chose a country for their alien pork chops (rib rack). Nate and Cindy had to grill in German flavors, while Joubert and Gert went to Korea, Karen and Kevin had to use Chinese flavors and Bertus and Ashley made a trip to Cuba.

They must have used a kettle grill to grill the pork belly.

“Working with someone else’s kettle braai is like driving someone else’s car – you know you can do it, you’re just not comfortable with it,” Gert said before the challenge.

One of the original judges of cook doorNic van Wyk, joined Bertus Basson and Kobus Botha tonight to judge the pork dishes.

This challenge was the four remaining teams’ third challenge together, and while teams like Joubert and Gert were able to go from strength to strength, Kevin and Karen’s friendship soured.

Kevin admitted that he has trouble letting other people into his space, while Karen again shot down some of Kevin’s ideas. There also appeared to be communication problems between these twist and remember grills.

In the end, the three judges could taste that Kevin and Karen tackled parts of the challenge alone, without consulting each other or working well together.

“It was as if you could taste the conflict in the team in the food,” was Bertus’ comment about their pork dishes.

However, Joubert and Gert walked out of the kitchen as winners, with the judges even saying that their pork dishes were some of the best food they had ever tasted in this competition.

In the Coal Room, where it is decided who goes and who stays, Kevin and Karen strongly suspect that they will soon have to pack their bags. However, the judges had a few surprises, and announced that no one would be sent home tonight.

There were a few team moves, the last moves of this competition. This means that the contestants will have to see out the rest of the competition in these new teams.

The new and final teams are as follows:

  • Ashley (twist grill) and Bertus (remember grill)
  • Cindy (twist grill) and Joubert (remember grill)
  • Gert (twist grill) and Karen (remember grill)
  • Kevin (twist grill) and Nate (remember grill)

Kokkedoor Fire & Flame is broadcast Thursdays at 20:00 on kykNET, DStv channel 144.