Give us strength (and water and work); this is how DA wants to ‘save’ Gauteng


“If Gauteng works, South Africa will work.”

This is according to the DA, which launched its new registration billboard in Gauteng on Friday.

Solly Msimanga, Gauteng leader of the DA, says that this billboard – which refers to the perpetual shortage of electricity, water and job opportunities in the densely populated province – is a message to remind Gautengers of their challenges, but also a call to action that the DA can fix it.

“This is a message that we can change the government and that the Democratic Alliance is the only party that can save Gauteng.

“We are in the middle of a water, electricity and work crisis in Gauteng,” Msimanga said during the announcement.

“Our taps are running dry, our lights are going on and off and many of us are struggling to keep our heads above water. Our once beautiful province and the economic center of our country is on the verge of a complete collapse.”

However, Msimanga says the DA has a plan to save Gauteng. The plan includes, among other things, investment in infrastructure, the renovation of water treatment plants and job creation by growing the economy and attracting new investments.

He therefore appeals to Gautengers to draw a cross next to the DA during next year’s election.

“Your voice is your voice. This is your chance to make a difference in your future. In the previous election, the majority party got 2.1 million votes in Gauteng, while the DA got a total of 1.1 million. If each of us can bring one more person to vote for the DA, we can win Gauteng.”

Gautengers miserably failed

Msimanga says the ruling party has failed Gautengers by failing to tackle the water, electricity and job crisis in Gauteng.

“Imagine not having water for days on end. This is the reality for many people in Gauteng. They cannot drink water, cook, wash or bathe. They are forced to live in misery and disease.

“Imagine not being able to find a job. This is the reality for many people in Gauteng. The unemployment rate is the highest in the country. People struggle to feed their families and put a roof over their heads.

“Imagine not having electricity for hours on end. This is the reality for many people in Gauteng. Beurtkrag has become a daily institution. Businesses are closing their doors and jobs are being lost.”

Msimanga says the DA has been pointing out the problems at Rand Water for months. “We involved Rand Water a year ago, but none of the promises were fulfilled. We have appealed to the minister to act and fire the chief executive officer as he has failed to resolve the water crises.”

The opposition party believes Gauteng’s water problems are getting worse under Sipho Mosai’s leadership.

“Mosai was accused of mismanagement. He has also been criticized for his failure to plan for the future.

“The minister of water and sanitation should fire Mosai and appoint a new head who is competent and able to solve the water crisis,” says Msimanga.