Globally: Belgian elections are about much more than just the state


In the second episode of Globally we talk to one of the leading Belgian constitutional experts, Frank Judo, about the history of the Belgian state, how federalism has developed in Belgium and what can be expected after next week’s election.

Belgium is one of only a few European countries where the country’s general election takes place on the same day as the European election. Voters in Belgium will therefore vote next Sunday for their region (Flanders, Wallonia, Brussels or the German region), as well as for the federal parliament. Furthermore, they will also elect their representatives in the European Parliament.

Judo, an expert in public law in Belgium, regularly appears in the constitutional court in Brussels and explains in this program the benefits, challenges and future of federalism in Belgium.

We also talk to Johan Deckmyn, a current member of the Flemish Parliament, about the election campaign, polls and what kind of government can come to power after the elections in Flanders and federally in Belgium. European issues such as immigration and the rise in the cost of living are also discussed.

As every week we book in Globally also the last week’s most important international news events.