Globally: Lessons for the West from the Netherlands and South Tyrol


In this week’s installment of Globally we talk with dr. Simone Kerseboom in Maastricht, the Netherlands and dr. Gino Bentivoglio, in Bozen the capital of the semi-autonomous province in the north of Italy, South Tyrol.

Kerseboom was until recently a member of the Dutch parliament. She was born in the Netherlands but grew up in South Africa for most of her childhood and also gained her qualifications at Rhodes University and the University of Stellenbosch. She particularly focused on identity and the loss of national identity in Western countries such as the Netherlands. During her term in the Dutch parliament, she regularly made a plea for the Afrikaner.

Bentivoglio is the chairman of the South Tyrolean Circle of Friends of the Afrikaner and taught himself to speak Afrikaans more than 10 years ago. He speaks it alongside German (his home language), Italian (second language) and English (third language). South Tyrol has a bond with the Afrikaner that goes back to the Second War of Independence. Along with this, the model of autonomy that South Tyrol has acquired over decades is an example for other areas in Europe, but also the rest of the world.

This week the election of European Parliament members takes place right across Europe and both guests discuss current issues such as immigration, national sovereignty, identity and the future of Europe.