GOOD suspends Peter de Villiers after allegations of sexual misconduct


The political party GOOD has summarily suspended Peter de Villiers as a member of this party after a complaint of sexual misconduct was brought against him.

The former Springbok knitter and now also former GOOD councilor in the Drakenstein municipality, was suspended from all party activities after a member of the party lodged a complaint against him.

GOOD said on Friday that De Villiers’ suspension is not a finding of guilt, but does reflect the seriousness of the allegations.

“GOOD’s constitution is unambiguous about gender relations and gender-based violence. The constitution applies to all members, regardless of their position,” says Brett Herron, Secretary General and Member of Parliament for GOOD.

“The party will implement disciplinary processes to determine whether the provisions of its constitution have been violated.”

De Villiers’ suspension follows about a year after he accepted a position as a council member in the Drakenstein municipality.

RNews previously reported that De Villiers initially resigned as councilor in this municipality in June 2022, although he still remained a member of GOOD.

The party said at the time that De Villiers resigned to focus on other aspects of his life and spend more time with his family. His wife, Theresa, died in April 2022 and in 2019, the couple lost their daughter, Odile (28), to death due to cancer.