Gourmets from Pretoria welcome here


Local connoisseurs do not have to travel far to taste international cuisine by an award-winning chef, who was also trained by the world-famous Gordon Ramsay.

No, a five-course meal is at the fingertips of anyone who plans to travel to the Jakaranda city for a five-star experience.

Luminary on 12th, an exclusive restaurant, opens its doors for the first time on December 22 at the Time Square casino, right next to the SunBet Arena in Menlyn Maine.

On the Maslow Hotel’s 12th floor, chef Adrian Vaughan and his team create a five-course contemporary international meal, complemented by selected wines. However, the menu is regularly adjusted and changed, therefore no visitor will have the same experience as another.

With the opening of the restaurant, gourmets could look forward to freshly baked brioche with parfait and jam, a fish course of monkfish with mussels in coconut, a main course of beef with coffee and white carrots, a cheese course, and a decadent cherry, chocolate and mascarpone dessert .

“Over the past five years we have developed the portfolio of food for the restaurant,” says British citizen Vaughan.

He describes the five-course meal as a “feast for the senses” with all kinds of different flavor combinations.

RNews experienced this exclusive restaurant’s food first hand in November.

It was a so-called trial by fire where Vaughan and his team had to impress a restaurant full of gourmets with every meal.

Parental habit made the South Africans’ eyes sparkle when they ate the slightly sweet brioche and jam, and the subsequent steak melted properly on one’s tongue.

The fish lovers licked their lips with the next course, but the main course – lamb with mashed potatoes – was truly South African and therefore by far the gourmands’ favorite dish.

Or so they thought until the cheese course and dessert were served.

These two dishes encouraged those who were already full to dig deeper and lick the plates almost empty.

The Cremalat cheese, a true Italian delicacy, with pear and walnut gave just enough kick and just before we wanted to roll out of the restaurant, Vaughan served a decadent cherry, chocolate and mascarpone dessert. This dish delivered the perfect combination of sweet and sour, and after every bite we just wanted more.

The evening ended with an overnight stay in the Maslow Hotel overlooking Pretoria.

This hotel offers a choice of three, four and five star rated rooms under one roof to suit all budgets.

“The innovative concept enables travelers to tailor their stay to their needs and budget,” says Lesego Kitsa, Time Square’s divisional manager.

The next morning, a delicious breakfast buffet was served in the same restaurant where we had enjoyed a five-course meal just hours before. Miraculously, everyone was ravenous again, and the options to sample and choose satisfied every palette.

This breakfast buffet is only for those staying overnight in the five-star rooms, but Luminary on 12th is open to anyone by reservation.

Luminary officially opens its doors on Friday and will now only accept bookings for Fridays and Saturdays.

“Every dish is an international masterpiece, and every moment a celebration of the culinary arts,” says Vaughan.

The price of the five-course meal is available on request.