‘Government is letting SA’s children down’ – DA


The South African government is failing in any and all efforts to protect the country’s children, the DA said on Sunday in response to a damning report by the Nelson Mandela Children’s Fund.

The report aims to determine the well-being of a South African child by looking at factors such as child poverty, health and nutrition, education, household conditions and safety.

However, the results paint a dark picture and indicate, among other things, that almost five million children are starving.

RNews reported on Friday that Pres. In the light of this report, Cyril Ramaphosa was charged at the Human Rights Commission (HRC) for the “central role” he played in this devastating reality.

The DA also has the words of the late ex-pres. Nelson Mandela uses to attack the ANC and says that the government indeed breathes life into Mandela’s words that a nation’s soul is reflected in the way it treats its children.

“More than 27% of children under five are disadvantaged due to malnutrition, which can cause irreversible physical and cognitive damage. Pregnant women do not have access to prenatal support and therefore their children’s health is compromised even before they are born,” said Bridget Masango, the DA’s spokesperson on social development.

“In 2020, 10% of children lived in households that reported child hunger. About 14% of children have treatable mental health conditions, but due to the country’s lack of specialists and facilities, they will likely carry this burden for the rest of their lives.”

Masango says the ANC has done its best to destroy any programs that aim to empower, protect and support children in South Africa.

“The subsidies of non-governmental organizations that look after children have been stopped or cut, forcing many of these organizations to close. Schools are deadly due to pit toilets and drug dealing in the area, food is unaffordable and gangs are active on playgrounds. Furthermore, mothers and caregivers fear for their lives every day.”

Masango also says that children’s lives are threatened even before they are born because the government does not provide adequate tools and support to mothers who are forced by their circumstances to give up their babies.

“Newborns end up dying horribly in plastic bags, under train station benches or in pit toilets – their blood is on the ANC government’s hands.

“Those who do survive these ordeals are denied the opportunity of a loving and caring family, as adoption and fostering processes are constantly hindered.”

Masango believes that these children are finally being subjected to a life of misery.

According to the DA, legislation in the country, specifically the child amendment bill which has been pending since 2011, is also flawed and not in the best interests of South Africa’s most vulnerable citizens.