Grain from Ukraine again spills onto Polish railways


Grain from Ukraine was dumped on a train track in Poland – close to the two countries’ border, the police said on Friday. This is the second similar incident this week during protests by angry farmers.

“We were informed around 08:30 of grain spilling from two train cars in Okopy Kolonia near Dorohusk,” police spokeswoman Ewa Czyz told AFP.

Ukraine’s Minister of Infrastructure immediately labeled the spill a “crime” and requested the Polish government to punish the perpetrators.

The police said on Tuesday, during the previous incident, a small group of protesting farmers broke open train carriages and dumped grain on the track at Medyka, another Polish border.

Farmers in Poland protest against “uncontrolled imports” from its war-torn neighbor. This sours the usually friendly relations between Warsaw and Kiev.

“The unknown people damaged three train cars,” Oleksandr Kubrakov, Ukraine’s Minister of Infrastructure, said about the latest incident. “The cargo was via Poland on its way to Hamburg, Germany. Crimes that go unpunished will be repeated. The criminals must be tracked down and punished immediately so that others cannot be tempted to do the same,” Kubrakov said on Facebook.

According to him, the Ukrainian railways will send a report to the Polish police.

Farmers are protesting right across Europe over rising costs, high fuel prices, bureaucracy and EU environmental rules.