Great progress on refurbishment of Table View beachfront


Great progress has already been made on renovations to the Table View beachfront.

Rehabilitation work in this area extends from Table View to Dolfyn Beach in the south and Bokkoms Bay in the north.

According to the Cape Town Metro, construction will begin on the walkway along this route. The existing walkway between Marine Circle, in the south, and Bokkoms Bay will also be renovated. “The new walkway that is being built will cover a distance of 2 km, while the section that needs to be repaired is approximately one kilometer long.”

“Walking paths are very popular because they enable recreational activities and can also be used by people of all ages, whether for walkers or joggers.”

A lot of repair work will also be done on the parking lots, while the ablution facilities’ outdated stormwater infrastructure is being renovated.

The metro also decided to start a dune rehabilitation project to deal with the impact of sandslides. Wind nets and additional vegetation will be used to limit damage caused by gale-force winds.

One new ablution building will also be erected between Shell and Seal Roads.

Table View1

Table View beach in particular is popular with tourists with its iconic view of Table Mountain.

“The city started the renovation project in June last year and now that this project is progressing well, improvements will be made to other public and beach facilities.”

The metro estimates that it will take about two years for all the repair and renovation work to be completed.

Construction work on the car parks will be done in such a way that visitors will still have access to the beach.