Guinness now doubts oldest dog’s age


Bobi, the dog identified by Guinness World Records as the world’s oldest dog in February, had his title suspended on Tuesday after Guinness World Records questioned his actual age.

He breathed his last in October last year at the official age of 31 years and 165 days – eight months after the record book declared him on its website as the world’s oldest living dog.

The genuine Rafeiro, a Portuguese dog breed whose life expectancy is usually between 12 and 14, has also been declared the oldest dog ever. The previous record holder was an Australian sheepdog called Bluey, who died in 1939 at the age of 29 years and five months.

“Although our review is ongoing, we have decided to temporarily suspend the record titles for oldest living dog and oldest dog ever until our findings are in place,” a Guinness spokesperson told AFP.

Guinness did not disclose what led them to become suspicious of Bobi’s age.

However, skeptics quoted by British and American media said it would appear that Bobi’s paws are a different color than photos of him as a baby puppy.

Miguel Figuereido, a veterinarian from Lisbon, told AFP last year: “He doesn’t look like a very old dog with mobility problems or with an old dog’s muscle mass.”

Guinness insists the suspension of the title is “temporary, while the review continues”.

Bobi was officially born on May 11, 1992.

RNews reported earlier that Bobi was born as one of four boys in an outbuilding where the Costa family stored wood. Due to the number of animals the family already had, Leonel Costa’s (38), Bobi’s owner, father decided that they could not keep the newborn puppies and were planning to put the young puppies down.

The day after the puppies were born, Leonel’s parents took the puppies away while their mother, Gira, was away. However, in their haste they did not realize that they had left one of the puppies behind.

Leonel and his sister later discovered Bobi in the outbuilding and kept his existence a secret from their parents until the woof’s eyes would open.

Little did the family realize that this four-legged 31 years later would still be like a child in the house.

Leonel thinks one of the biggest contributing factors to Bobi’s ripe old age is the “calm, peaceful environment” he lived in, “far from the busy city”. He was never chained or on a leash, and always roamed freely on the family’s farm.

Bobi also ate the kind of food Costa family ate all his life.

This video was shared by Guinness in February 2023: