Hamas defends attack as death toll continues to rise


The Palestinian militant group Hamas defended its attacks on Israel on 7 October, but at the same time called for an end to “Israeli aggression” in Gaza.

The death toll in Gaza has since passed 25,000, according to Gaza’s Hamas-led health ministry.

Israel continues its attacks in southern Gaza in its battle to destroy the Islamist group responsible for the deadliest attack in the country’s history.

Meanwhile, Hamas said the attack in October was a “necessary step” against Israeli occupation of Palestinian territories, and a way to secure the release of Palestinian prisoners.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said his government would not accept Hamas’ conditions for the release of hostages still being held in Gaza.

According to Netanyahu, Hamas demands an end to the war and the withdrawal of Israeli forces from Gaza in exchange for the release of hostages.

“If we accept this, our soldiers have fallen in vain,” Netanyahu said.

Hamas’ attack on Israel resulted in the death of at least 1,140 people, mostly civilians. Around 250 people were taken hostage and according to Israel there are still around 132 hostages left in Gaza.

Meanwhile, Hamas requested that Israel be held “legally accountable” for Palestinian suffering and appealed for increased pressure “until the occupation is ended”.