Hans will soon cross Rubicon on silver screen


Afrikaans is soon back on the big screen with the hit book, Hans crosses the Rubiconwhich was adapted into a film with prestigious actors such as Pierre van Pletzen, Tobie Cronjé, June van Merch, Sandra Prinsloo and Nicola Hanekom in the lead roles.

Based on the hit book by ex-journalist and crime writer, Rudie van Rensburg, Hans has already produced four books (with a fifth on the way) and is Hans crosses the Rubicon not only read for RSG by Tobie Cronjé, but it is also a hit one-man play with Charlie Bouguenon playing several roles.

The filmmakers Corné and René van Rooyen are at the helm of affairs. They were also for hit movies like Hollywood in my house, Vaseline and Magic forest responsible and has the popular TV series Everything Malan created.

The cast of Hans crosses the Rubicon treat moviegoers to the cream of South African actors: Pierre van Pletzen as Hans, Tobie Cronjé as Vasie, June van Merch as Baby, Sandra Prinsloo as Liesbet, and Nicola Hanekom as Matron.

The young actor Juan-Pierre Moller is Esmeraldus, Danny Ross is Elvis, Diaan Lawrenson is Karla, and Ivan Abrahams is Jan Doppies.

“My grandfather Inus van Rooyen turns 102 years old this year and it was through him that I met Hans,” says Corné, the director of the movie.

“Every day he slavishly listened to the reading on RSG and thus identified himself with Hans’ mission – to grow old on his own terms -. In a way, the movie is a tribute to my grandfather who is still alive and well.”

Deciding on the cast was not easy, says Corné.

“I knew this was my chance to work with some of the biggest names in the industry; actors who were responsible for my dream of becoming a movie maker. My first call was to Tobie and after a long conversation it was decided that Pierre van Pletzen would be the perfect freedom fighter.

“Tobie said that the character Vasie is very close to his heart. The rest was self-evident, because there is no one else for Baby and Liesbet but June and Sandra.”

However, filling the role of Matron was a challenge, admits Corné.

“I had to ask myself: Who has the ability to get under the skin of the ‘old people’ and cage them not only physically, but also emotionally? Nicola Hanekom’s brilliant audition made the hair on my neck stand up and she was the perfect choice. Then there is something fresh and exciting with newcomer Juan-Pierre in the role of Esmeraldus.”

Corné says his biggest hope is that moviegoers Hans crosses the Rubicon will experience in movie theaters on the silver screen.

“I believe Hans has the power to bring together a wide variety of people – young and old – with an exceptional shared experience in a theater with quality sound and image that does justice to the story, music and iconic actors’ fantastic comedic play.

“There is so much pressure in society to stay young that I am excited to show the other side of this; how growing old can be celebrated on its own terms and be very exciting. If you watch Hans with three generations of your family, it will be a family festival in miniature.”

The screenplay was written by Corné and René and the highly regarded Charl-Johan Lingenfelder was responsible for the music.

Hans crosses the Rubicon was shot in and around Cape Town and will be released on 29 September.

The movie is also one of the feature films selected this year to premiere at the kykNET Silver Screen Festival, which takes place from August 23 to 26 in Kampsbaai.