Hard work has always been Jouberts’ cornerstone says new Miss. SA’s mother


When the Miss South Africa crown in 2020 did not end up on the head of brunette beauty Natasha Joubert, her mother, Ninette Joubert, encouraged her with words she had taught her and her siblings since her school days.

“We are Jouberts and Jouberts always have to work twice as hard for everything. You’re just going to have to do things the longer way and try again.”

Ninette’s words not only bore fruit, but were almost a prediction for her youngest daughter’s success on August 13, 2023 where, after three years and a second attempt in the “Joubert way”, she became the Miss. won the SA title.

“I almost fainted, I couldn’t believe it was my child on that stage,” Ninette told RNews about Natasha’s coronation moment, her voice clearly still full of ecstasy over this big moment.

“This was not an overnight thing. My child worked so hard, she absolutely had a mission and purpose.”

Mother Ninette has never taken nonsense

Hard work has always been the Joubert family’s cornerstone, Ninette tells about the way in which she and her late husband, Jaco, raised Natasha and her two older siblings, Reinier and Danielle.

“I was a strict mother when it came to school work. The children knew their homework had to be done first; it was non-negotiable.”

The Joubert children did not know sitting back and expecting luxuries, especially after Jaco lost his job in 2009 and died in 2013.

“Things were not always easy, but none of my children expected things to just fall into their laps. They knew that’s not how life works. They are all purposeful and disciplined and have had to work for everything they have.”

Natasha through her Miss. SA-reis candidly recounts that her growing up years are a more realistic view of the general South African’s life and is something that people can relate to.

Both Reinier and Danielle are lawyers today and had to “work, clerk and study” at the same time, says Ninette. Natasha also got herself a scholarship to obtain a qualification in BCom marketing manager after school.

Furthermore, mother and daughter started a business together, Natalia Jefferys. This seed was planted after Ninette herself started making dresses for Natasha to participate in beauty contests at school.

Little Natasha a rabbedoo

According to her mother, Natasha was a little rabbedoo as a child who was rarely seen in a dress. To this day, she is apparently at her most comfortable in her workout clothes and sneakers.

“No look, Natasha put her little brother in his place well. Her pain threshold was high, she often came to brag about her play injuries.”

However, there was neither time nor opportunity for being naughty. “My children didn’t have a single chance to be naughty, their programs were so full. When Natasha went to high school, I had to draw the line with the amount of after-school activities she wanted to do,” teases Ninette.

They decided on hockey, singing and modelling, but her beauty never went to her head – something that Ninette believes makes Natasha even more beautiful.

“Natasha is someone you can easily relate to. She forgives easily and accepts everyone as they are. I always say that beauty is temporary and moreover disappears immediately if your inside is not also beautiful.”

Not that the new Miss SA doesn’t know when to put her foot down.

“We have a very honest relationship. She will pick on me quickly, especially when I complain about silly things. She also knows exactly what she wants from life.”

Family stuck behind Natasha with second attempt

According to Ninette, Natasha almost reached breaking point after she participated in Miss. Universe in 2021 did not make the top 21.

RNews reported earlier that Shudufhadzo Musida, Miss. SA 2020, her country in 2021 on the Miss. represented the World stage, while the first runner-up, Thato Mosehle and Natasha, then the second runner-up, respectively to the Miss. Supranational and Ms. Universe competitions participated.

“It’s horrible to feel like you’re not good enough when you’ve given it your all. She experienced that disappointment very personally. She felt as if she had let everyone down.”

That’s why she fully supported Natasha’s decision to throw her name in the hat again. “I said that she would regret it if she didn’t try again. I have always taught my children that those who don’t ask or try will never know.”

Ninette will those who Miss. If SA dismisses it simply as a “beauty contest” or believes that Natasha has taken advantage this year, she is happy to challenge.

In addition, the Miss SA’s reality show, Crown Chasersaccording to her, clearly proves how hard each of the finalists had to work.

“The whole process is basically a long job interview, because it is a job to get Miss. SA to be and a hard one too. With Crown Chasers the girls are watched even more closely than before, because it is not just about the challenges, but also whether you are friendly with the people around you. You are never alone, because you have a roommate, so there was no room for pretense or pretense.”

Natasha did great in this series’ challenges and won three out of the five.

“Of course this gave me a little more hope that she might win, but all those girls worked very, very hard. They can each be proud.”

Ninette is happy Natasha is now living her dream

She pinched herself a few times during the final round of the Miss. SA final says Ninette.

“I sat in awe listening to Natasha. Also how she is now talking in the media for the first two weeks. Then I realize she can absolutely do this. I’m bursting with pride.”

She hopes that Natasha will be remembered especially for her inner beauty and will be given the chance to live her dream to the fullest.

“Of course people are going to judge, especially because she didn’t meet the Miss. Universe can participate, but that is not her main goal. She wants to serve her own country and its people. I want her to be happy and know that she is the best Miss. SA was possible.”