Head deserves a pat on the back


In the two play-offs of the Cricket World Cup in India, Travis Head dished out some of the best cricket of his career.

In the semi-final against South Africa, his two wickets and blistering innings won him the player of the match award, while an excellent catch and a boss century in the final against India not only landed him the same award, but instantly also the World Cup winner’s medal.

Head’s innings of 137 runs is undoubtedly one of the best willow batten performances ever in the final of a World Cup spectacle and together with Marnus Labuschagne (58 runs) he pulled the Aussie wagon through a difficult drive.

It is never easy to play against India in front of its enthusiastic home crowd, but the history books will show that Australia clinched their sixth World Cup title in a row.

“I never thought in eternity that something like this would happen. It was an incredible day and I am very grateful to be part of the action,” said the 29-year-old player.

However, it was so hot that Head missed the entire cricket spectacle: A hand injury he suffered in the run-up to the tournament in South Africa threatened to derail his World Cup dream.

“I am very happy that everything went well and that I was able to find my way back to the team. A World Cup winner’s medal is much better than sitting on the couch at home with an injury!”

He was also full of praise for the South African-born Labuschagne.

“Initially I was on my nerves, but Marnus was brilliant. It’s fun to bat with him and we were part of an incredible partnership.”

Needless to say, he is also in his element with his catch to get rid of Rohit Sharma in India’s innings.

Sharma batted like wildfire, but in the tenth over he hit the ball high in the air after which Head ran, dived and caught.

“I practice hard on my fielding, but you could have beaten me with a feather when I took that catch. It is a highlight that I can look back on later in my life.”