Health facilities in Gauteng phones off due to non-payment


The Gauteng Department of Health has made alternative contact numbers available for several of its hospitals and clinics after Telkom suspended telephone services due to alleged non-payment.

According to the department, there are several disputes with Telkom about the amounts payable.

“Unfortunately, we had several discrepancies where Telkom would send invoices with descriptions of facilities that did not belong to the department, which made it impossible to settle those invoices promptly,” said Motalatale Modiba, spokesperson for the department.

The department paid R4 million to Telkom last week and a further R3.4 million was paid on Monday.

“There is an outstanding amount that is currently being verified so that it can be settled as soon as the invoices are reconciled. The department continues to engage in discussions with Telkom to find an amicable way to address the disputes without causing an impact on service delivery.”

Modiba confirmed that 83 clinics and 32 hospitals’ phones are out of order.

As part of a long-term solution, the department is currently migrating its facilities to an internal call system, which will drastically reduce the cost of communication within institutions and externally, Modiba said, adding that 130 hospitals and clinics have already been placed on the internal system. .

The department has published alternative contact numbers on the Gauteng provincial government’s website for the affected hospitals and clinics.