‘Heartbeat’ of SA’s intelligence structures opened


The police opened its National Operations Command Center (NatJoints) on Friday just in time for the upcoming elections.

Bheki Cele, Minister of Police, opened the new center in Pretoria. The center consists of two buildings and houses 39 different departmental representatives on the same premises as the police college in Pretoria West.

Cele said during the opening that the centre’s opening is not only timely to help ensure a safe election, the NatJoints will also be used after the election to manage interdepartmental operations on a 24-hour basis.

It took about four months to set up the new office.

According to Cele, the center forms, as it were, the new heartbeat of the country’s intelligence structures.

“The center serves as a central contact point for the coordination of information. This is where the reporting of incidents and the rapidly coordinated response to them, as it falls within the NatJoints mandate, will unfold.”

According to Cele, the center is equipped with the very best technology to be able to manage information from the country.

“The center is currently one of a kind and contains technology that is not available in any other government department in the country,” says the minister.

Furthermore, the new center also enjoys the support of the latest data networks and a communication system that boasts audio-visual and advanced technical capabilities, said Cele.

“South Africans benefit because they can now be assured that the NatJoints will remain committed to serving and protecting law-abiding citizens and everyone within our borders.”