Help! Blood service’s stock is extremely low


The South African National Blood Service has a mere two days’ supply of blood left and is appealing to people – even those who have not donated blood for years – to sign up in an attempt to replenish the precious supply.

Khensani Mahlangu, spokesperson for the blood service, says this is critically low as five days’ supply is considered a safe level.

“We did our best to collect 3,500 units of blood daily, but the extreme weather, flu season and the fact that the schools are still closed for the holidays hinder our ability to collect enough blood.

“We’ve been pushing for a few months now to get to five days’ supply – and we’re struggling.”

Mahlangu warns that the fewer days’ supply the blood service has, the less blood there is to help those who need blood transfusions. “This includes people receiving weekly transfusions just to be able to live a normal life that the rest of us take for granted.”

The blood service appeals to former, current and future donors to donate blood as soon as possible.

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