Helping Hand holds a concert that gives hope


Three of the best – Mathys Roets, Danie Niehaus and Germandt Geldenhuys – as well as Vernon Barnard and Drihan du Plessis, better known as Prop, will soon join Solidarity Helpende Hand’s LIGHT-concert for the benefit of persons with disabilities.

This concert follows the success of the SING, HOPE, THUNDER-concert of 2021. It is thanks to Prop that this concert was staged. He dreamed the Lord was talking to him. The Lord and his uncle told him how they heard a great audience of hope resounding. After this dream, Prop woke up with a feeling of courage. Soon after, his loved ones let him know that his uncle, about whom he dreamed, had passed away in the hospital where he was being treated for Covid-19.

The concert in 2022 is under the auspices of the Love In Disability (LIG) concert presented.

“We are proud to announce that in 2023 we will once again hold a concert for persons with disabilities. This year it will be the Afrison LIGHT-concert called. The motivation behind the name

Afrison LIGHT-concert comes from the study fund that was started during the 2021 concert. This study fund was established specifically to give persons with disabilities the opportunity to study in various fields and thereby also make a lasting contribution to the community. In doing so, it enabled us to offer our first student loan award to a student,” says Suzette Oosthuizen, Helping Hand’s head of centers and the national branch for people with disabilities, who organizes the event.

Oosthuizen says the main purpose of the concert is to sow hope. “It’s a symbolic step of hope that persons with disabilities take and say out loud: ‘If I can, you can too; there is Love In Disability’.”

The Afrison LIGHT-concert will take place on July 28 at Sol-Tech’s Monument Park campus.

“We want to help persons with disabilities to make their voice heard. We also want to raise money for actions and projects that can really make a sustainable difference in their lives. Finally, we want to raise money for the LIG study fund so that we can give persons with disabilities the opportunity to study as well.”

The public who cannot attend the show, but still want to make a contribution, can speak “LIGHT” SMS to 45763 and Helping Hand will call you and tell you how you can make a sustainable difference in this community. For more information visit

Oosthuizen thanks the sponsors, Afrison and AfriforumTV, for their support. RNews is the media partner.