Here are SA’s top sports schools for boys


It is not an easy task to designate the country’s best sports schools. After all, sport largely ensures a school’s prestige and South Africans are very passionate about school sport.

However, SA School Sport has once again taken on this difficult task and this week published its latest ranking of the country’s top sports schools for boys.

Moreover, more than half of the schools on this prestigious ranking are Afrikaans (single, double or parallel medium) schools.

At the very top of the list is Hilton College in KwaZulu-Natal followed by Paul Roos Gymnasium in Stellenbosch and then King Edward School (KES) in Johannesburg. The full ranking is available here.

Around 114 of the 210 schools on the list are schools where learners can go to school in Afrikaans.

sports graphics SA's top sports schools for boys

Afrikaans Hoër Seunskool (Affies) in Pretoria appears 17th on the ranking list, Garsfontein High School in Pretoria in 26th place and Paarl Gymnasium in the Western Cape in 27th.

Bobby McLeod, executive director of the NWU Super 16 school sports series, says the reason why learners, former learners and parents are so fanatical about school sports is because sports differentiate schools from each other.

“It is also the case that we South Africans like to win. A guy wants his child to be better than the neighbor’s child.”

He says that African schools in particular are good at academics, therefore it is sport that separates the wheat from the chaff.

“A guy also reads a school’s matric results once a year, but throughout the year the school’s sports results. Especially rugby results. South Africans are fanatical about rugby.”

SA Schools Sport says the ranking – which has been drawn up annually for a decade – is exclusively based on six sports namely rugby, cricket, hockey, water polo, football and basketball.

Other popular sports, including athletics, tennis and rowing, were not considered for the compilation of the rankings, simply because of the absence of established criteria for evaluation.

Several schools would therefore possibly achieve higher positions in the ranking, if these sports were also considered.

This is how the ranking is set up

The ranking process involved a thorough evaluation of each school’s performance in the final first team ranking.

SA Schools Sport says a “rigorous analysis and a nuanced ranking methodology” was applied to draw up the rankings.

“Recognizing the varying popularity and importance of certain sports, we have implemented a deliberate weighting system to ensure a fair representation of each school’s overall athletic ability.”

Rugby is recognized as the most popular and most played boys’ school sport and therefore enjoyed double weight in the rankings, proof of its significant impact on a school’s reputation.

Due to the considerable participation and interest in cricket, hockey and football, a weight of 1.5 has been applied to these sports.

Although there is a growing interest in basketball and water polo, these sports have retained their original values ​​as many schools do not participate in these sports or have limited facilities.

SA Skolesport says the compilation of this list was undertaken with the utmost seriousness “with an emphasis on our commitment to offer a reliable guide for parents, learners and sports enthusiasts”.

“However, it is essential to recognize that our rankings favor schools that have shown consistency across all designated sports, rather than those that excel in a single discipline. Some schools have excelled greatly in a specific sport, but may not have generally achieved comparable success.”

Is bigger better?

McLeod says every boy longs to become a Springbok. Every parent also believes in his heart that his child is the best and can make it. “However, the reality of the matter is that the bottleneck is so small and that in the end there are very few children who can really make a living from sport.”

He says that in the past even small schools produced Springbok rugby players. However, he believes that the so-called big schools that young players are already in gr. 8 attract, going forward will finally be the so-called sources of nutrition for South Africa’s national teams.

“Each parent tries to position himself these days so that his child is in the best possible school and is offered the best possible chance to participate provincially. However, I believe that if a guy is good enough, he can make it from anywhere.”

McLeod says it is also not guaranteed that a learner in a so-called big sports school will eventually become a Springbok or Protea. “Nor is it going to guarantee that your child is happy,” he explains.

“I always say that a happy child is a child who feels safe in his parents’ home and that is why I believe you should go to the school closest to your home. If that school doesn’t offer you anything, you can look elsewhere.”

These Afrikaans (single, double or parallel medium schools) made the top 110:

School Ranking position Average bonus points:
Paul Roos Gymnasium 2 104.391
Gray College 9 96.695
Afrikaans High School for Boys 17 84.538
Garsfontein High School 26 73.388
Paarl Gymnasium 27 73.194
Paarl Boys High School 31 63,695
Waterkloof High School 32 62,891
Helpmekaar College 35 55.361
Outeniqua High School 37 53.107
Durbanville High School 38 52.378
Noordheuwel High School 39 52.205
The Menlopark High School 41 51,853
Monument High School 42 50,665
Stellenberg High School 43 48.449
Boland Higher School of Agriculture 44 47.627
Eldoraigne High School 45 47,574
Marais Viljoen High School 49 36,487
Pearl Valley High School 50 36.245
Charlie Hofmeyr High School 53 35,998
Framesby High School 54 35,600
HTS Drostdy 55 34,927
Kempton Park High School 58 34.153
Bellville High School 59 33.703
Nelspruit High School 60 33,570
Potchefstroom Gymnasium 61 33.110
The DF Malan High School 62 32.424
Nico Malan High School 64 30.173
Dr. High School EG Jansen 65 28,864
The Rustenburg High School 68 28.642
Worcester Gymnasium 70 28.066
Fichardtpark High School 73 27.170
Goudveld High School 74 26,896
Oakdale Agricultural High School 75 26,734
Centurion High School 76 26.337
Strand High School 77 26.328
Pietersburg High School 78 26.170
Bethlehem Voortrekker High School 79 25,090
Middelburg High School 80 24.322
Secunda High School 81 23,828
High School Trio 82 23.416
Marlow Agricultural School 84 23.134
Jim Fouché High School 86 22,698
Higher Technical School Daniel Pienaar 88 22.333
Welcome Gym 90 22.032
Diamantveld High School 91 21,696
Transvalia High School 92 21.546
Randburg High School 94 20.340
Labori High School 96 19.952
High School Heidelberg 97 19,944
Light Source Academy of Technology 99 19,590
Linden High School 100 19.544
Hopefield High School 101 19.106
Montana High School 102 19.029
Huguenot High School 103 18,966
Point High School 105 18.336
Zwartkop High School 106 18.302
Witteberg High School 107 17,970
Midstream College 109 17.242