Hollywood: Bafta nominations announced; popular Disney series soon again on box office


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Popular Disney series soon back on box office

One of Disney Channel’s most popular youth series, Wizards of Waverly Placewill soon return to television.

The original stars of Wizards of Waverly Place, Selena Gomez (Alex Russo) and David Henrie (Justin Russo), this time sit in the producer chairs of the series. They will also be featured in the series, although Selena is only expected to appear in the first episode.

The writers of this sequel, Jed Elinoff and Scott Thomas, were also responsible for Raven’s Homea sequel to the original That’s So Raven.

Janice LeAnn Brown, Alkaio Thiele and Mimi Gianopulos will also be in the Wizards of Waverly Place– be follow-up series. This time the story revolves around Janice’s character, Billie, whom Justin then takes under his wing. Viewers will also meet Justin’s wife and child for the first time.

It is not yet known when the series will start rolling on the box.

Bafta nominations announced

Oppenheimer is a front runner at yet another awards event.

The British Academy of Film and Television Arts (Bafta) have just announced their nominations for this year’s awards. Oppenheimer, Poor Things, Killers of the Flower Moon and The Zone of Interest especially received nominations.

Saltburn, Wonka and All of Us Strangers is among the films nominated under the best British film category. Fantasia Barrino was nominated for her role in The Color Purpleand compete against Anatomy of a Fall says Sandra Hüller, Maestro says Carey Mulligan, Rye Lane says Vivian Oparah, Barbie Margot Robbie’s and Poor Things said Emma Stone.

Bradley Cooper is in for his role Maestro nominated, competing against Colman Domingo (Quiet), Paul Giamatti (The Holdovers), Barry Keoghan (Saltburn), Cillian Murphy (Oppenheimer) and Teo Yoo (Past Lives).

Other actors nominated include Emily Blunt, Danielle Brooks, Claire Foy, Rosamund Pike, Robert De Niro, Robert Downey Jr., Jacob Elordi, Ryan Gosling, Paul Mescal and Dominic Sessa.

Arnie runs afoul of the law

The former muscular tiger and politician, Arnold Schwarzenegger, was temporarily detained at the Munich airport earlier this week after he failed to declare a valuable watch.

Arnold was on his way to Austria, where he would sell the watch at a welfare auction. This watch, which caused great difficulty for the star, was expected to be sold for $50 000 (about R950 000), said a representative of Arnold’s non-profit organisation, Schwarzenegger Climate Initiative.

It is precisely this organization that is at the helm of the welfare auction.

However, Arnold was only held for three hours, with the German authorities arguing that if any valuables were left behind in Europe, taxes would have to be paid on them.

The Terminatorstar finally had to pay a fine of thousands of euros to end the detention.

Snoop Dogg’s Daughter Shares Stroke News

The famous chat rhymer, Snoop Dogg’s 24-year-old daughter, Cori Broadus, had a stroke earlier this week.

“I’m only 24,” Cori wrote on an Instagram story this week. “What did I do to deserve this?”

Dozens of people wished Cori, who has spoken candidly about her battle with Lupus, well.

Cori, who was diagnosed with this autoimmune disease at the age of six, in September 2023 People announced that she had already stopped taking any medicine for her condition for five months.

“It’s going well, better than it ever has,” she said at the time. “I currently only use everything that is natural. All kinds of teas, herbs and sea moss. I think my body has realized that this is a new program.”

Snoop Dogg also has three sons: Cordell (26), Julian (26) and Corde (29).

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