Hollywood beckons, but Klein Kwagga remains a humble farm boy


He may appear on American pop singer and television personality Kelly Clarkson’s talk show this month, but seven-year-old Dirkco Jansen van Nieuwenhuizen, better known as Klein Kwagga, will “always remain humble on the ground”.

This is what Dora-Mari Bosch from BW Models, who currently acts as Dirkco’s agent, told RNews after Kelly recently invited him to participate via a pre-recorded online interview on her popular chat show. The Kelly Clarkson Show, to appear.

“He doesn’t really even realize what all this fame is. If you ask him what he thinks about it, he just gives a shy laugh. Moreover, his parents will not allow him to get big-headed, he will always remain just an ordinary farm child,” says Dora-Mari about this milestone.

The adorable seven-year-old from Mpumalanga stole hearts worldwide last year when her dance steps to the rhythm of Bernice West’s earworm hit “Lyfie” spread like wildfire on social media.

His “Lyfie” video, which was recorded at his great-sister Elizma’s (12) dance school performance, has meanwhile even been liked by Hollywood celebrities such as Oscar winner Viola Davis of How to get away with murder-fame shared on social media.

Dora-Mari tells that Kelly’s producers contacted Dirkco’s mother, Mercia, after the American singer himself saw the “Lyfie” video on social media.

“We were all so shocked when the producers contacted us, it was such a wow moment and a great honor for the family.”

Dirkco was invited for a pre-interview online, after which the producers asked him to record a so-called “Hello Kelly” video to tell more about himself.

The brand Boerboel Wear helped to record this video on the Jansen van Nieuwenhuizens’ farm. In it, Klein Kwagga likes to show “auntie Kelly” how he plays on the farm, rides a quad bike and also explains where he got his nickname.

“A Kwagga is like a zebra, but we call it a horse that wears pyjamas,” says the rabbit in fluent English.

“At first he didn’t know who Kelly was, but when he found out she was one of the characters in the Trolls-movie’s voices, he realized it was someone familiar, because he was raving about Trolls,” jokes Dora-Mari.

“He also had a lot of insight in his video and asked nicely to show some of his favorite sports on the farm. He’s such a natural and talented speaker – it was pretty cool to see him in his element.”

However, according to Dora-Mari, the Jansen van Nieuwenhuizen family is intent on protecting Dirkco and making sure that all aspects of this social media success are fun for him.

Schoolwork or sports may not be interfered with either.

“Dirkco says his schoolmates do not treat him differently. Everyone is immensely proud of him, but no one places him on a throne. We also encourage his parents not to say yes to everything if it doesn’t fit into their schedule,” says Dora-Mari.

“They are real farm people and have to face a lot of negative comments that say that Klein Kwagga is being exploited or is going to get big-headed. I always just encourage his parents to ‘block’ these types of people and bless‘ – especially if they don’t give a young child a place in the sun.”

Watch Klein Kwagga’s “Hello Kelly” video here: