Hollywood: Britney Spears makes shocking revelation about Justin Timberlake; actors have been on strike for 100 days


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Britney Spears makes shocking revelation in book

The 41-year-old pop singer, Britney Spears, claims in her memoirs, The Woman in Me, that she had an abortion during her then relationship with the singer, Justin Timberlake.

These two pop stars’ relationship spanned three years, from 1999 to 2002. In an excerpt published earlier this week People was published, it was revealed that Britney decided to have an abortion at the time after the two stars decided they were too young to raise a child. In this extract, she explains that she did not see the pregnancy as a “tragedy”, but that “Justin felt that they were too young” and that she subsequently agreed to carry out the procedure.

In the book, which will hit the shelves on October 24, she writes candidly about her fame that she already gained at 16, her relationship with Timberlake and the stormy road she walked with drugs and alcohol. She also digs deeper into her guardianship, which began in 2008 and ended in 2021.

Actors have been on strike for 100 days

Hollywood’s writers may be back at work, but the end of the actors’ strike is not yet in sight.

Today (21 October) Hollywood’s actors are already on strike for 100 days. Although it appeared earlier this month that the strike may be coming to an end, negotiations between the Screen Actors Guild (SAG-AFTRA) and Hollywood studios have once again reached an impasse.

These negotiations continued on 2 October, the first time since the strike was announced in July this year. The studios abruptly halted the negotiations on October 11 after just a few days due to the actors’ “excessively expensive” requests and decided that the parties were simply not ready to settle yet.

“We only met with them (the studios) a few times: Monday, Wednesday and Friday, of which Wednesday and Friday were half days. That was all they were available for,” said Fran Drescher, president of SAG-AFTRA Associated Press tell.

“I have never met people who do not really understand what negotiations mean. Why are you walking away from the table?”

The strikes were launched earlier this year in an attempt to put protective measures against artificial intelligence (AI) in place, and stop dwindling compensation due to the development of streaming platforms.

European MTV Awards postponed due to war

MTV has decided to cancel their European Music Awards function, which was scheduled to take place in Paris on November 5 this year.

This decision comes after the war between Israel and Gaza broke out.

“As we witness the devastating events between Israel and Gaza, it does not feel like the right moment for a global celebration,” said the organizers of the event.

“With thousands of lives already lost, this is a moment of mourning.”

Artists such as David Guetta, Jung Kook of BTS and Thirty Seconds to Mars were to perform at the event.

Gwen Stefani now Hollywood star richer

The 54-year-old “Rich Girl” singer, Gwen Stefani, became richer with a star on the Hollywood Wall of Fame on Thursday 19 October.

Her sons, Kingston (27), Zuma (15) and Apollo (9) were by her side as she officially received the star. Her husband, Country singer Blake Shelton, gave a touching speech about his wife during the event.

“I met Gwen in 2014, and immediately realized that she was unlike any celebrity I had ever met. It was clear that she is a mother above anything else in this world,” Blake said as Gwen wiped away tears.

“It was her number one job. And today, almost ten years after I met her, I can say without a doubt that being a mother is still the most important thing in her life.”

“What makes me happiest for Gwen is that this all started with a song she wrote. Writing songs is her favorite thing to do, and of course she’s excellent at it.”

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