Hollywood: Children by the dozens for this Kardashian; jolyt after actors’ strike ends


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Actors keep jolyt after strike ends

Hollywood actors are delighted to finally be back on film and serial sets after their 118-day strike was finally called off earlier this week.

Zac Efron, Octavia Spencer, Jamie Lee Curtis, Mandy Moore, Alec Baldwin and Outlander ‘s Sam Heughan is one of the actors who expressed their joy on social media.

“Who else is dancing? Right to work now that the strike is over!” writes Octavia on Instagram.

“Let’s get to work, friends,” Mandy agreed.

The production of dozens of films and series was brought to a halt when the strike began in July this year. These projects can now, after months, finally continue, although the strike had a drastic impact on the release dates of these productions.

Some of these productions include Venom 3, Snow White, Spider-Man: Beyond the Spider-verse, Dirty Dancing and Stranger Things in.

Children by the dozens for this Kardashian

Travis and Kourtney Kardashian Barker welcomed their baby boy, Rocky Thirteen.

This couple called it quits in 2022 and have since been open about their need to welcome another baby on the family’s reality series, The Kardashians, played. They almost set tongues wagging when Kourtney showed up earlier this year with a sign that said “Travis, I’m pregnant” at one of Blink 182’s concerts, of which Travis is a member.

Rocky Thirteen is named after the couple’s favorite movie and number. He is the seventh child that this couple welcomes. Kourtney is mother to her and Scott Disick’s three children, Mason (13), Penelope (11) and Rein (8) Disick, while Travis is father to Landon (20) and Alabama (17) Barker. He is also Atiana de La Hoya’s (24) stepfather.

Barbra Streisand pours her heart out

Hollywood actress and singer, Barbra Streisand, has a lot to say about her 81-year-long life. So much, that she could easily write down a 970-page memoir.

These memoirs, My names is Barbrais a candid account of Barbra’s childhood, times as a young adult in glamorous Hollywood and interesting career spanning decades.

In this book, she reveals, among other things, who her favorite boyfriends were, who surprised her and who she never wants to see again. She also gives readers a glimpse into her inner world, and even writes about her love for food but hate for cooking.

“Looking back, it was much more fun dreaming about being famous than actually being famous,” she writes. My names is Barbra.

“I didn’t enjoy all the ridiculous, made-up stories. Nor the envy that my success provoked.”

Arnold Schwarzenegger honored

Despite the fact that Arnold Schwarzenegger’s father was a member of the Nazi party during the Second World War, this actor was honored earlier this week by a Jewish genocide museum in Los Angeles.

Arnold, who has been fighting anti-Semitism all his life, was honored by this museum on Monday for his lifelong contribution to this struggle. During his acceptance speech, he said, among other things, that he moved from Austria to the US as a young adult in hopes of becoming the world’s strongest man. However, he also made it his life’s mission to raise awareness about anti-Semitism.

“It was very important to me, especially because I came from a country known for its involvement in the Second World War. It was important to me that people realize that one generation does not have to be like the previous one, that the next generation can change.”

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