Hollywood: Disney actress now space entrepreneur, Meryl Streep film becomes stage play


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From Disney actress to scientist

Disney is known for making stars out of teenagers overnight, but never before has one physically reached for the stars.

Bridgit Mendler, a 31-year-old singer and actress best known for playing Teddy Duncan in the Disney Channel series Good Luck Charlieannounced this week on X (formerly Twitter) that she is starting a California-based satellite data company called Northwood Space.

Mendler, who studied at the prestigious Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) after her Disney days, will focus on rapidly manufacturing and deploying ground stations to facilitate the large amount of space data being sent as the space industry continues to grow.

“The vision is a data highway between Earth and space,” Mendler explained to CNBC.

“Space becomes easier with so many different dimensions, but still the actual practice of sending data to and from space is difficult. You are having trouble finding an access point to contact your satellite.”

The Devil Wears Prada on the way to the stage

The former beauty queen, actress and singer Vanessa Williams goes into the iconic The Devil Wears Pradacharacter, Miranda Priestly’s designer shoes are stepping up for a brand new musical based on this 2006 blockbuster.

The actress announced on social media that she is the editor of the fictional Runway-fashion magazine will star in this new musical which will make its debut on the British West End in October.

Meryl Streep, who played this character in the 2006 movie of the same name, received an Oscar nomination for best supporting actress in 2007 for her role as the icy and stylish Miranda Priestly.

Williams herself rose to fame playing Wilhelmina Slater, a Miranda Priestly-inspired character, in the comedy series Ugly Betty.

ABC News reports that Elton John will additionally be responsible for The Devil Wears Prada The Musical ‘s music.

Beyoncé’s country hits make history

There is apparently no end to Beyoncé’s talents.

This American singer made history this week by becoming the first black woman to hold the top position on the American Billboard Hot Country Songs chart.

That’s thanks to her latest release, “Texas Hold ‘Em” – one of two new hits from the second part of her best-selling album, Renaissance.

RNews earlier reported that the singer, who was born in Houston, Texas, in the USA, chose to trade her signature RnB style for country, apparently surprising fans. However, according to experts, the country style of her new album, which will be released on March 29, is the singer’s way of returning to her country roots.

The social media platform TikTok is already full of “Texas Hold ‘Em” dances.

In addition, this song has already been listened to more than 10 million times on the music streaming service Spotify, while the lyrics video on YouTube has more than 3 million hits.

Obama’s oldest now filmmaker under new name

Former US President Barack Obama’s eldest daughter, Malia Obama, has dropped her famous surname in an attempt to distance herself from her parents.

Malia, a Harvard graduate filmmaker, is now known professionally as “Malian Ann”. Ann is the 25-year-old’s middle name.

Her first film as a director, and under her new stage name, The Heart, recently made its debut at the Sundance Film Festival. She also already has writing credits as a staff writer on the Amazon Prime program Swarm.

Malia has a younger sister, Sasha, who recently graduated from the University of California. The two Obama sisters live together in California.

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