Hollywood: Mariah Carey sued again over Christmas hit; Sophie Turner sets tongues wagging


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Mariah Caria sued again over Christmas hit

It looks like all Mariah Carey is going to get this Christmas season is another subpoena.

Andy Stone, a songwriter and singer, sued the 54-year-old singer for $20 million (about R367 million) over alleged copyright infringement. According to Stone, Carey’s 1994 Christmas hit, “All I Want for Christmas is You”, is based on his own 1989 country song of the same name.

This is also not the first lawsuit that Stone has filed against Carey. He filed a similar complaint against this singer in June 2022, hoping to prove alleged theft of his track. However, he withdrew this case after five months.

Stone, who performs as Vince Vance and the Valiants, filed a civil lawsuit against Carey, Walter Afanasieff and Sony Music Entertainment earlier this week.

In this summons, he claims, among other things, that his version of “All I Want for Christmas is You” actually started playing on the radio in 1993, and that shortly after that it made an appearance on Billboard’s latest Country chart. With that, he apparently wants to claim that it gave Carey and her music team enough time to copy his song.

Sophie Turner set tongues wagging

Two months after Sophie Turner and Joe Jonas announced that they were parting ways, Sophie was seen in the arms of a British nobleman.

This 27-year-old Game of Thrones-actress and the 29-year-old British nobleman, Peregrine Pearson, shared a kiss on the streets of Paris on October 28. Shortly before this embrace, Sophie launched the Webb Ellis trophy with Dan Carter at the Rugby World Cup final in France.

Sophie and her estranged husband, Joe Jonas, announced in September this year that they were divorcing after four years and two children together.

‘Mean Girls’ Reunion

Lindsay Lohan, Amanda Seyfried and Lacey Chabert were dressed in pink again – this time for a Mean Girls-reunion.

Although fans of this 2004 teen film were hoping for a sequel, they will have to settle for an advertisement. This ad was shot for the American megastore Walmart’s Black Friday sale.

Watch the highly anticipated reunion here:

‘Friends’ writers saddened by Matthew Perry’s passing

Marta Kauffman and David Crane, the creators and authors of Friendsshared their grief over Matthew Perry’s passing during a recent interview with Today pronounced.

Perry, who played the character of Chandler Bing throughout the series’ 10 seasons, was healthy and happy when they last spoke, according to Kauffman. That conversation took place about two weeks before Perry’s untimely death.

“It was great,” Kauffman recalled of the conversation.

“He was happy and upbeat. It didn’t feel like anything was weighing heavily on him at all. He was in a very good place; that’s why this feels so unfair.”

She admits that she was in complete shock when she received the news of his passing.

“My first instinct was to send him a message, honestly. And then deep sadness, so very sad. He looked better than I had seen in a while. I was so happy to see it.

“He looked good, he stopped smoking and he was sober. He learned things through his journey, and what he learned above all is that he wants to help other addicts. It gave him a purpose.”

Perry was found dead in his jacuzzi on Saturday, October 28. He was 54 years old.

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