Hollywood: ‘Pitch Perfect’ actor becomes father; increase in plastic surgery during Hollywood strikes


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“Pitch Perfect” actor becomes father

Adam Devine, best known for his role in Pitch Perfectis going to be a father.

This 39-year-old actor is dating Chloe Bridges, known for her role in the Disney Channel movie, in October 2021. Camp Rock 2: The Final Jam, married. The couple announced earlier this week that they are expecting a pinkie.

“This will now largely be a page for my baby, as I’m going to dedicate my life to my child with the hope that he doesn’t use years of dirty jokes on record against me,” joked the comedian.

“We have news. I can’t wait to start this little family,” Chloe wrote again on her own Instagram page.

“Live Aid” concert becomes musical

Live Aidone of the world’s biggest stage productions ever, will wear a new jacket next year when it will be staged as a musical in London.

The musical is named after the concert, and will Just for One Day called It was inspired by the original giant concert, which went on behind the scenes and how a couple of love stories unfolded at the time.

The Live Aidconcert took place at Wembley Stadium in England in 1985, and has since gone down in the history books as one of the greatest music concerts the world has ever seen. Artists such as Elton John, Queen, Bob Dylan, Diana Ross, Paul McCartney, The Police, The Pretenders, U2 and The Who performed during the event.

The concert was originally organized by Bob Geldof and Midge Ure to provide famine relief to Ethiopia.

The musical, which will run at London’s Old Vic Theater from January 26 to March 30, features songs performed that day in 1985.

“This is not a tribute,” Geldof continued BBC News explain.

“I won’t have anything to do with it. There is not going to be anyone who is going to be dressed like Freddie. The songs simply give life to the drama.”

Jason Derulo accused of sexual harassment

Emaza Gibson, a young American singer, accused Jason Derulo of sexual harassment.

According to a summons handed in by Gibson against Derulo on Thursday 5 October in Los Angeles, he approached her a few years ago to make music with him. According to the original agreement, signed in 2021, these two artists would have made a few albums together.

However, she alleges that Derulo began behaving inappropriately towards her shortly after the deal was signed. According to the summons, he made numerous suggestive comments towards her. He allegedly threatened her with her music career, saying that she would not get far with her music if she did not show him certain sexual favors.

“Mr. Derulo’s behavior towards this young artist was despicable,” Ron Zambrano, Gibson’s lawyer, said in a statement.

“Not only did he break promises and commit breach of contract, but his behavior towards this young woman trying to enter the industry is outrageous and illegal.”

Plastic surgery is rampant during Hollywood strikes

For a few actors, the Hollywood strike was a golden opportunity to sharpen their face again.

Dr. Ben Talei, a plastic surgeon in Hollywood, says that appointments started pouring in long before the strikes officially kicked off. According to him, he performed about 30% more procedures on celebrities during the strikes. The master of these procedures was facelifts (face lifts).

Dr. Ava Shamban, a dermatologist, noticed the same trend with her skin resurfacing procedures.

‚ÄúPackages that normally take six to eight sessions, which most of the actors cannot consider, flew off the shelf. The machines worked all day long.”

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