Horses make their way through central London


Four people were injured when at least two stray army horses, one apparently bloodied, ran through central London on Wednesday.

Several videos and photos of the two galloping animals weaving through buses, taxis and cars in Aldwych during rush hour have been shared on social media.

Both horses were saddled and bridled. One horse’s chest and front legs were covered in what appeared to be blood.

BBC reports that the horses ran into a stationary tour bus and taxi during their journey. Photos of the tour bus’ broken windshield were also shared.

The London Metropolitan Police worked with their colleagues in the military this morning to track down the horses.

“Our officers seized two horses on the highway near Limehouse. We are waiting for an army horse box to pick up the horses and transport them for veterinary care.”

A spokesman for the army meanwhile said a “number of military workhorses got loose this morning during routine exercises”.

According to the spokesperson, “all the horses” were seized and taken back to their camp.

“A number of staff members and horses were injured and are receiving the appropriate medical attention.”

However, it is still unclear exactly how many stray horses there are on the streets of London. Some onlookers claim to have spotted more than two horses.

The Daily Telegraph reported that during a military exercise this morning, up to five army horses were frightened by a noise, after which they threw their riders off and chipped.

A number of prestigious army regiments have stables in the British capital and horses are a regular sight around government buildings at Whitehall, Buckingham Palace, The Mall and in nearby Hyde Park.