Hostage drama takes place in the Netherlands


Several people were held hostage in a cafe in the Netherlands on Saturday morning.

A heavy police presence prevailed outside the building in Ede, central Netherlands, and residents were warned to avoid the area. Bomb specialists from the police were called and the area was evacuated, after a man reportedly threatened to blow himself up.

The police later, in a statement on X, said there was no indication that the incident was terrorism-related. “We see there are many questions about the motive. At this stage, there is no indication that the motive is related to terrorism,” says the statement.

Ede is a small town and located approximately 75 km from the capital, Amsterdam.

The incident was reported around 05:42 Dutch time and according to local media, 150 houses around the cafe were evacuated, after it became known that the man had an explosive device with him.

By 12:30 South African time, the hostages had not yet been freed.

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