HRC at Crawford College on racism in class


The Human Rights Commission (HRC) visited the Crawford International College in Pretoria this week after a video circulated last week where a temporary teacher writes racist words on a whiteboard.

The 82-year-old temporary teacher apparently for gr. 8 learners said that they should not feel offended when the “k-word” is used because they were not affected by apartheid.

In the video, the learners can be heard complaining about the teacher’s actions.

The teacher was given the go-ahead the same day.

The HRC said in a joint statement with the Crawford International College that it visited the school on Friday as part of its investigation into the incident.

Following the events, the parties agreed on the following:

  • The HRC will provide its assistance to the school by hosting workshops on equality at the school. This will be in addition to the school’s existing diversity program.
  • The HRC will give the school access to its teaching aids to support the school’s diversity programme.
  • The HRC will provide mediation and negotiation services to the school and its stakeholders should it be necessary to clarify any issues.

The South African Council for Educators (SARO) is also investigating the incident and the possibility of the teacher’s deregistration.

The HRC undertook to request SARO’s final report on this.

Cheryl Naidoo, principal of Crawford International College in Pretoria, thanked the HRC for its assistance and input in the case.

“As a school, we are committed to building an environment that is based on mutual respect and inclusiveness.”