IEC to look into ‘suspicious’ Ezulweni settlement


The Independent Electoral Commission (IEC) has confirmed to ActionSA that it will investigate the settlement the ANC reached with the company Ezulweni Investments to pay off the party’s R102 million debt for election banners it had made in 2019.

ActionSA requested the IEC on 1 March to investigate this “suspicious agreement” in terms of section 14 of the Party Funding Act.

The party also submitted an application in terms of the Act on the Promotion of Access to Information (Paia) to obtain information about the settlement from the ANC.

Michael Beaumont, ActionSA’s national chairman, shared written confirmation from the IEC on the social media platform X on Tuesday that the commission would indeed look into the matter.

The commission did not give a timeline for the investigation, and asked for “patience and trust” in the IEC’s processes to investigate this case as well as similar cases.

ActionSA has indicated that it will continue its legal process until there is clarity on the settlement agreement. The party has a strong suspicion that the ANC may have violated the provisions of the Act on the Financing of Political Parties in order to pay off the debt.

“Six months ago, the ANC was unable to pay employees outside their offices and suddenly this picture changes in December to a party that can pay off nine-figure debts and host eight-figure stadium events. South Africans know the ANC better than to accept it at face value,” Beaumont said earlier.