Illegal scrap yard dealer busted for stolen cables


The owner of two scrap yards in Johannesburg was arrested after the police came across more than 200 kg of stolen copper cables.

Some of the stolen cables belong to the city’s power supplier City Power.

Moreover, the scrap yards in question are operated without the necessary documentation and are therefore illegal.

City Power says the 50-year-old owner was arrested this week in Bertrams, Johannesburg.

“The police received information that the scrap yard dealer is in possession of essential electricity infrastructure,” says the power supplier.

During the raid, the police came across a total of eight bags full of copper cables. The cables belong to City Power, Johannesburg Water and the Passenger Rail Agency of South Africa (Prasa). Cable sheaths, belonging to Telkom, were also found.

The scrap yard dealer, a Mozambican citizen, was charged with the possession of essential infrastructure and the illegal operation of two businesses.

City Power says it is delighted with the latest arrest and has called on law enforcement authorities to not only carry out raids in Gauteng, but to expand their efforts across the country.

“There have been several cases where City Power’s stolen infrastructure has been recovered in the possession of scrap yard dealers in other provinces,” says the power supplier.

“The fight against cable theft and vandalism, which is a major cause of power outages in the city, requires deliberate and concerted efforts by law enforcement agencies and the communities served by City Power.”

The power supplier also appealed to the criminal justice system to pay more attention to these types of crimes and ensure that offenders are given stricter sentences.