‘Injured goose’ then actually a feather duster


A concerned motorist in Midrand thought she was doing what any other animal lover would do if they found an animal in need – called the Animal Protection Society (SPBA).

Little knowing that the “injured goose” on the side of the road was a feather duster all along.

The SPCA in Midrand says one of its inspectors, Theo Mokgatle, received a call a week ago about an injured goose that was spotted on the side of the road.

“He went to the place in question, but could not see any goose in sight,” reads this SPCA branch’s Facebook post.

“While he was driving around looking for the goose, he saw some feathers in the road and stopped. However, he was knocked out of the field for a moment.”

Mokgatle found a spring duster in the road, and called the concerned motorist back to inform her of his findings.

“She confirmed that she did see a goose on the side of the road.”

The inspector continued his search, but in the end spotted no goose.

“The elusive goose still remains undetected, but we (at the SPCA) couldn’t help but giggle a little at the inspector’s find.”

It is unknown whether the feather duster may have been mistaken for a goose or whether a goose was really on the side of the road, but in the meantime found its way.

The SPCA nevertheless thanked the motorist for her concern for an injured animal and said his team will always respond to cases where an animal is in distress.