Interdiction against Tshwane’s striking workers


The Tshwane metro council obtained an interim interdict in the labor court in Johannesburg after a week-long illegal strike by members of the trade union Samwu. The striking workers are also accused of intimidating non-strikers and damaging property.

The court found the strike to be unlawful and unprotected and instructed the strikers to disperse and suspend the strike, says Selby Bokaba, spokesperson for the Tshwane metro.

Workers are also prohibited from damaging city property – or any private property – and cease intimidation of non-striking workers.

Meanwhile, 15 workers from the metro council have already been arrested and charged with public violence. They also face three internal complaints – which could lead to their dismissal.

“Tshwane trusts that the Samwu leadership will honor and comply with the court order and allow striking workers to return to work and fulfill their responsibilities to deliver services to the city and its customers.”

Bokaba says the city will implement a plan to clear the backlog in service delivery caused by the strike as soon as possible. The metro also apologized for the disruption caused by the strike.

At this stage, the metro is trying everything possible to reverse its dire financial position and mayor Cilliers Brink made it clear earlier that the city is simply not in a position to implement the wage increases.